Sacred Music

Music is the highest revelation

Adult Choir

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Choir is open to adults and students, grades 7 and higher, of the parish. The choir provides liturgical music at varying weekend Masses, as well as other liturgical functions. If you are interested in joining this important ministry, please contact Mr. Lucas Miller by way of the parish offices.

Sacred Heart Schola

Discover the rich musical heritage of the Catholic Church. The repertoire of Sacred Heart Schola ranges from the polyphonic sounds of Palestrina, to the ancient intonations of Roman Plainchant. Also known as Gregorian Chant, plainchant is the sacred music that Holy Mother Church can call her very own. It is for this reason that the documents of Vatican II tell us that Gregorian Chant should be given “pride of place” in the singing of the liturgy. Under the direction of parishioner Brad Barnhorst, the Sacred Heart Schola assists in the singing of sung Masses offered in the Extraordinary Form. You can contact Mr. Barnhorst via the parish offices.

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Our parish Ensemble provides liturgical music at the 9:30am Sunday Mass as well as other liturgical functions. Participation is open to all adults of the parish. All we require is your willingness to regularly attend rehearsals and Mass and that you can sing in key. So if you have a good voice, or can play a brass, woodwind or string instrument, please consider sharing your time and musical talent with us. Your gift of service will help deepen the faith of all those gathered at our liturgical celebrations. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Rich Badesso by way of the parish offices.